Trezor Hardware Wallet* (Official)

Trezor Hardware Wallet* (Official) io/Start - Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) Trezor $ Wallet.. - The Secure Hardware Wallet*.An update for Trezor Suite (version 22.9.3) is now ready to install. T

One of the first steps in getting started with owning your first bitcoin is to set up a wallet. There are many wallet options these days as shown on - from desktop, mobile, hardware to online wallets. There is also the option of using paper wallets and storing your bitcoin in cold storage.

Cold-storage and offline wallets are really good in maintaining the security of your bitcoin but truthfully, they are pretty darn hard to set up, time consuming and not-to-mention requires a certain degree of technical ability to not mess up all the required steps.

It is not surprising that most people use an online wallet like Coinbase or to store their bitcoin. In fact, I personally advise anyone getting started to buy their bitcoin from Coinbase (if it is available in their country) and to use the Coinbase wallet because it is the simplest wallet available. However once they start accumulating a larger amount of bitcoin, I would encourage them to think harder about wallet security by using a service like Coinbase Vault or a hardware wallet like Trezor.

We at CoinGecko Buzz are really interested to review the overall functionality, ease-of-use and security of a Bitcoin hardware wallet and requested for a Trezor to review things further.

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